Two:Bob. A highly recommended cafe in Fitzroy North.

Two:Bob 03 9482 5444

270 Queens Parade Fitzroy North, VIC3068


So, I’ve been married to a guy who has always had this geek factor about him. He was never particularly style-y when we used to date back in ’06. He had super long hair (not like a mane or anything, but just those extra inches which you really don’t need), commonly found in India. Bad jeans, brown skivvy. That sort of aesthetic.

I think I was going for his shoulders. Don’t ask.

But these days, he’s full of surprises.

He’ll spot a cool cafe from a mile away. Pause outside a beautiful furniture store. Won’t flinch an eyebrow when I ask him if we can get a Tuberose candle for $40 (it smelt like the real thing, I swear).

So thanks to V, we ended up at Two:Bob.

Pale pastel blues and cream woody colours. Simple, smart interiors and cool details. I’m getting shy when I take pictures these days, I rush them and take time on the food ones. (Apologies in advance).

We had fresh oj, sandwiches and a salad. Their salad blew my brains out. Seriously, it was amazing.




Can you see the arrow guiding you on the wall? It was wrapped in map paper. Adore. And all the staff had matching aprons.

Like they say, god is in the details.





I’m not usually big on sandwiches, but this was had a great combo. Beet & carrots = amaze.





I’m really getting into my salads this year thanks to my darling Mum who has bought me two salad recipe books. (Yes, I’m still one of those girls who fires friends who only order salads).





Cupcakes and dashes of blue.






Two:Bob is highly recommended as far as I’m concerned. I only wish I lived closer.

PS – Interiors have been done by Design Office.



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If you’re here cause you just read the post, we’re also a design studio. (Which is why Kish writes about aesthetics). 
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We’d love to work with you. If you like what you’re about to hear, we’ll probably get along just fine.
We’ve worked with one-man-bands, multinational companies and with Kish’s dad too (he’s been our toughest client yet).
It’s about those coffees when we’ve got our notepads out, sketching ideas and talking thoughts.
How a business gets from A to Z with awesome design as the wireframe that supports it.
You might not be able to shrug us off because we’re in it for the long haul.
The growing part is as much yours as it is ours.


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