Trunk dining hall


Elysia, our gorgeous marketing intern makes a visit to Trunk & shares it in a post. <<starts now>> Trunk 275 Exhibition St. Melbourne, VIC 3000 (03) 9663 7994 If the walls of Trunk could talk, I’m sure they’d have a few stories to tell… from the days where it was originally developed as a synagogue and Hebrew school, more than 150 years ago, which later catered for social welfare needs and gave the underprivileged childcare services, to housing trendy restaurant goers.

Trunk dining hall
(Image from The Age)
When sitting at one of the tables, you can’t help but gaze up at the super high A-frame ceiling and surrounding furnishings, marvelling at its structure and questioning its history. We had thought that perhaps it was a church or factory (with the huge original ducts up above us). It wasn’t ‘till we left that I did a quick Google history search. The dark-stained timber furniture contrasts the glazed white masonry tiles that stretch up the mirrored pillars and huge white marble bar that almost stretches the entirety of the restaurant. Even the divider, that stops the draft as you enter through the door to the courtyard area – a wrought iron frame with old glass panels – that might be more prominent in an abandoned warehouse, including some randomly missing glass. Everything here has been well thought out and adds to the great vibe. I’d read some online reviews saying the food was great, but the service was ordinary. It was a Tuesday evening and a cool change had come, bringing rain, so it wasn’t too busy and found the service to be excellent. We ordered the soft shell crab and haloumi to start – probably the best haloumi I’ve ever had and the crab wasn’t too heavy. I did however mistake the chilli for tiny sundried tomatoes (not sure how, when the menu did say “soft shell chilli crab”). Soft shell Crab     For mains we shared a Salumi pizza and duck breast with pancetta, spinach and a blood orange sauce (it was as delicious as it sounds). I’ve never been a huge fan of pizza (I always get weird looks when I say that to people), but when I went to Italy I quickly learnt why they’re the best in the business and this Salumi pizza would have done the Italians proud – over dried tomato, pork sausage, pancetta, salami, prosciutto and mozzarella. Accompanied by Rekorderlig and a few glasses of Catalina Sounds Sauvignon Blanc and it was a recipe for the perfect dinner!         You know how there’s always that one thing on the menu that you’ll order, no matter where you are? Mine’s crème brûlée! If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, that would be it (mind you, I’d die a fat diabetic, but I would die happy!) I was however disappointed with their brûlée. It was too eggy and was refrigerated. I still ate most of it though. Polished and sophisticated, yet friendly environment, with a simple, well thought out menu. I’ll be back again. Hopefully the weather permits alfresco eating – from what I could see their courtyard is quite impressive. Trunk on Urbanspoon ++++++++++++ This post sounds a little bit different to Kish because it’s Elysia here. I’m a recent graduate, currently loving life as an Internal Communications Coordinator, but always looking to branch out and learn more to further my career, which has landed me at Kish + Co one day a week. I’m a world traveller, fashion-enthusiast and love innercity Melbourne living (from our cafes and dining culture to the street art and hidden bars we’re renowned for).      
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