The Norfolk.

The Norfolk 02 9699 3177 305 Cleveland St Redfern, NSW 02016 Earlier this year, I had the chance to pop into Sydney for a bit of business and a bit of Cheri. If anyone knows me, they know how nervous these business trips make me. I get all flustered and I even missed my flight because one of the lanes on the Burnley Tunnel was closed (Virgin sweetly bumped me onto the next flight = airline loyalty) But overall, this trip was much more fun than usual – I felt like the people I was meeting were my friends as opposed to intimidating business people. I also had the chance to pop into the Cheeky Chocolate and grab some macarons for the designers. Back to my point. Cheri recommended The Norfolk and it was damn fine. A bit of hipster-style-branding, but not overdone, an outdoor seating area for a balmy day and super cheap tacos. Super fine menu design, I have a feeling, this one would be on Roe’s like list. Cheri tells me this place packs out after working hours. Hipster. Veg tacos. So cheap, how can you not just tuck in? Grilled fish taco. There is a story behind this, but I just can’t tell you. Not just yet. While I don’t think I could ever trade Melbourne for Sydney, The Norfolk certainly makes me sway.   The Norfolk on Urbanspoon   ++++++++++++  

If you’re here cause you just read the post, we’re also a design studio. (Which is why Kish writes less about food and more about aesthetics). 
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We’ve worked with one-man-bands, multinational companies and with Kish’s dad too (he’s been our toughest client yet).
It’s about those coffees when we’ve got our notepads out, sketching ideas and talking thoughts.
How a business gets from A to Z with awesome design as the wireframe that supports it.
You might not be able to shrug us off because we’re in it for the long haul.
The growing part is as much yours as it is ours.
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