Sissi & Co, Malvern.

Sissi & Co. 03 9822 8268 1290 Malvern Road Malvern, VIC 03144 I met up with my lovely friend, Irene at Sissi & Co. Spacious, comfortable and professional – they’re not “trendy” or intimidating, but they’re definitely easy going and ideal for a South Eastern catch up. I’m really wishing I had stopped for food and not just coffee – have a look at their website because it does their food a whole lotta justice.     Clean lines and nice colours. Not your usual fancy / trending cafe – but you know what… I don’t mind that. I”m guessing it’s all about the food.   Chutneys for sale.   Space + colour.   Seriously. You could have a staff party here. Their desserts looked divine.     To be 100% honest, it takes me a fair bit of hesitation to recommend something if I’m not wild about the interiors or if its not super cheap eats of the asian kind, but Sissi & Co gets both; my “thumbs up” AND my “I will be back”. It’s just one of those easy-to-come-back-to places.   Sissi & Co. on Urbanspoon     ++++++++++++  

If you’re here cause you just read the post, we’re also a design studio. (Which is why Kish writes less about food and more about aesthetics). 
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We’ve worked with one-man-bands, multinational companies and with Kish’s dad too (he’s been our toughest client yet).
It’s about those coffees when we’ve got our notepads out, sketching ideas and talking thoughts.
How a business gets from A to Z with awesome design as the wireframe that supports it.
You might not be able to shrug us off because we’re in it for the long haul.
The growing part is as much yours as it is ours.
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