Ray’s Cafe, Brunch in Brunswick

Ray’s Cafe 332 Victoria Street   Brunswick Victoria 3056 (03)9380 8593

London doesn’t have a Broadsheet. Or a Thousands. Or a Breakfast Out. I felt so clueless and everyone would always point me to Time Out. Please educate me if I’m missing something here. So when I came back to Melly, I gave Ray’s Cafe a try because they seemed to get love on Time Out. I can’t find the link now, but it was truly pretty up there.
I have to admit this, Ray’s Cafe isn’t me. That is definitely not to say that it is not good. It’s just not wanky and flashy. And I like wanky and flashy. Did I just say that? OMFG. Did I just say that? You get my drift. But I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for good food, a relaxed time and something non-wanky. There is also a bit of yarn bombing on the bicycle racks outside which is pretty awesome. Monsieur Mistry’s lamb kofta roll. He certified it yum. The menu was ranged enough – perhaps it was the decor. Nothing popped. I have to say, staff were super lovely, making V’s mocha to spec “hot” – and smiling when they did it. Good staff always win me over. I feel if the staff are happy, you know they’re in a good place at work. French toast – please excuse my shitty pic, I sat with sunlight streaming in from behind me and as much as I want to look like those loser cool people who go snap happy on Instagram, I don’t want to look like those loser cool people who go snap happy on Instagram when they see food. Yes, that person is me. Yes, I went to Bistro Vue and felt like the waiter was staring me down for snapping my food.   Poached eggs, avo and mushies. Good full belly. Go to Ray’s if you are oh so over the artifice and just want pure goodness. Me? Baby, I got a shellac mani on Friday and have no shame in saying I like things a little fancy schmancy…   Ray's Cafe on Urbanspoon     ++++++++++++  
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