Porgie + Mr. Jones

I never used to like them, judged a book by its cover if you know where I’m coming from. But hey, they opened a nearby cafe called Friends of Mine and I was down. Details 291 Auburn Road Hawthorn VIC 3122 (03) 9882 2955 The service is lovely, the food is amazing – they do these crispy piadinis, which I think should be done all over Melbourne (the perfect blend between a panini and a quesadilla if you know where I’m coming from). I’m not a huge fan of that typewriter font logo, but it’s their menu which keeps me going back…   Porgie and Mr Jones on Urbanspoon   ++++++++++++  

If you’re here cause you just read the post, we’re also a design studio.  We do identity (logo or brand) design, stationery design, brochures, tenders, annual reports, folders, presentations, external and internal signage, banners, website design and development, e-newsletters and online advertising – everything you need for your marketing communications.
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Why would you want to work with us? We are lovely. A creative bunch of friendly designers – we work with you to help you grow your business. We’re not about pretty pictures, we are about successful, movement making design which brings results. A few testimonials.
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