Eggs. Latte. Beach. Summer. Melbourne.

The Petty Officer

03 9686 3000

113 Victoria Ave  Albert Park, VIC 3206

Okay, most important things first – are you by any chance into Kings of Convenience? If you answered yes, then are you in Melbourne in February, 2013? If you answered yes, then can you email me and can I go with you? If you answered yes, then here is my email address:

Now, to the post. Likely that you’d already know, I’m a sucker for Axil. I’ve taken most of friends, clients, family there. If you spot Indians at Axil, it’s likely to be me and V. So when Mits (super trendy / way too smart and intellectual for his own good / I eat at super nice places), my cousin came from Wellington came to Melbourne, I was all up on Broadsheet trying to figure out where to take him. Then I found this. Axil owners have started a new cafe called The Petty Officer. Le Joy! It’s by the beach people. By the beach. In true Axil form, the space is large, spacious and coffee is in full form. This time tho, they’ve got art up on the walls. Adore.

This is Mit’s brekkie. Can you believe he used to be a vegan?

Don’t you love it when things are consistent, but in a different place? I have this theory, and I’m sure the smart folk at The Petty Officer have it too – chains are going to die out unless they reinvent themselves. Making each retail space a unique experience, but still providing consistent product, is a start.

Starbucks has already started by making their cafes have unique interiors. (Sorry to have mentioned the S word here, I know how ugh they are – but smart business is after all, smart business.) It seems Maccas isn’t far behind either, well in France anyways. Needless to say, the lattes are just as good at The Petty Officer as they are at Axil. Which was my long winded point.

Oh-Em-Gee. Yum.

View from above. I do not like smiley faces in my latte. It’s like putting comic sans into a corporate social responsibility report. You just don’t.

More beautiful wall art. Did you do this? Let me know, I’d love to do a blog post about you.

Sigh. I wish we’d done their brand. Not that this one isn’t good. I would just love to have our work all up in their grill.

They’ve got similar treats over in Hawthorn, I can highly recommend the Macadamia, Pecan & Maple tart. Amaze-balls.

Close up. This is what happens when I try to pretend I’m not taking pictures = art. (snorts).

Go there.

It’s summer, you’re in Melbourne.

Make it happen.

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