Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird for brekkie before work.

Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird 124 Gardenvale Rd Gardenvale, VIC 3185 (03) 9596 4186 Where do you go to grab a mini-brekkie for a pre-work meeting? To Gardenvale Road is where. Helps that I live semi-close. This was actually J’s suggestion based on his super fine coffee friends. I want friends like that. J can you lend me your friends? I feel awkward about their logo. But thats the only awkwardness about this whole thing. Their interiors are awesome. The tables can be wheeled along this track thingee-magig. Which I really should have photographed, but thats another thing which is awkward to me. If you want great pictures, click here. There is so much wood + pipes, all exposed. Love it. It’s been designed by March Studio which they have credited on their site. I also loved my tomato and cheese croissant. They’re a weakness.Oh yes – they don’t really do hot breakfasts, so if you’re looking for that, look elsewhere. J got a croque monsieur which looked pretty fine.   Click here to read the raving reviews at Urban Spoon if you don’t believe me.     Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird on Urbanspoon   ++++++++++++  

If you’re here cause you just read the cafe post, we’re incidentally also a boutique design studio. Our talent list starts with identity (logo or brand) design, stationery design and from there, it extends to brochures, tenders, annual reports, folders, presentations, external and internal signage, banners and ultimately to website design and development, e-newsletters and online advertising – everything you need for your marketing communications.
Some of our foodie-work is linked to below:
Why would you want to work with us?
We are lovely – I assure you. A creative bunch of friendly designers – we work with you to help you grow your business. We’re not about pretty pictures, we are about successful, movement making design which brings results.
Kish has done it before – and she works closely with all her clients, understanding the individual needs of their business and works on ideas to make it happen.
Give her a call – Karishma Kasabia, she’s available at 04 2274 2304 and at Alternatively, our design team is available for you directly: talk +613 9819 0460 email visit 22 Liddiard St Hawthorn VIC 3122    


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