The Old Barber Shop

Old Barber Shop Café 03 9421 6463 251 Church St   Richmond, VIC 3121 Kat & I recently wrapped up a Social Media Trends night for select clients and friends. In the process, we met on neutral ground between Hawthorn and Fitzroy Gardens, i.e. Richmond. The Old Barber Shop is perfectly ideal for those awkward business meetings that go well over time  and you don’t want to get the eye (the one which says, can you please move on, table hire is $30 an hour) that some cafes serve. In fact, I think this post is pretty much my way of saying “thank you” for letting us chill for so long without ordering anything super substantial! There is a smint outdoor area, perfect for sunnies and lattes, as well as a long table indoors. The service is efficient and warm (hot-looking men too).   Kat’s Baguette.   My eggs & goats cheese. Mmmmm.   I think I would have gone just to see the logo alone. So beautiful.   Long table inside.   Artwork! This looks much better in person because it protrudes from the wall.   My eggs again. I’m all about “the view from above” these days.   Old Barber Shop Café on Urbanspoon ++++++++++++

If you’re here cause you just read the post, we’re also a design studio. (Which is why Kish writes less about food and more about aesthetics). 
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You might not be able to shrug us off because we’re in it for the long haul.
The growing part is as much yours as it is ours.


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