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Networking is awkward for me. Yes, big, Fijian smile aside, I’m crazy-awkward on the inside. 
Thankfully, a few of my friends always let me know when they’re going so that we can book tickets together. Kat Cazanis is one of them. We’ve been eying the Meet & Eat events for a while and it’s usually super hard to book a ticket so we jumped on this one.

The Press Club is super fine dining and I understand it usually has a larger proportion of men than women. If you know me, you know I don’t really do suits and I don’t do that much fine dining. So this already had me a little nerve wrecked (phase 1).

Kat and I caught up the week before and after a chat with her, I realised it could be a super-fab idea to give some jars of granola (the ones we did for Valentine’s Day) to the women at Meet & Eat. Helped that I had about 50 jars as well. So I got in touch with Justine at Meet & Eat and she was gracious and helped me out with the labels and permission.


To summarise.

Nervous Kish + Engaging Kat + Supportive Justine = Great marketing for Kish+Co + Delicious Granola for 50 Delicious Woman = NOICE.






Please don’t tell me you’re just waiting for the food pictures? So predictable.

The menu was a set one, I chose all the vegetarian options. Below is the Greek salad. Yes, The Press Club’s take on Greek salad. I can see how many can find this bewildering, however, I quite enjoyed it. It was really beautiful and the combination of the little rock thingees with what I’m guessing was yoghurt, was amaze. (Yes, I’m not a food critic and I don’t pretend to be).

I guess when I looked it at, I was thinking there are quite a few colours going on and I think I would have aligned some of the elements to the left (if you’re a designers, you will get this, if not, don’t worry).



I’m not a pasta person. I just find it overwhelming in my belly, so to be honest, I was a bit nervous before the ravioli came. 
When it came, I was relieved. And amazing. This was probably my favourite dish, looking back, I don’t even remember what was in it, but the proportion size was PERFECT and it was divine. I feel like going back. Right Now.




How could you not order the chocolate mousse option if there is a chocolate mousse option? 
Actually, as I write this, I’m wondering how the reviews for The Press Club are so low and how I enjoyed it so much?!
The food was divine and service was excellent.




Some of my newly made friends got the cheese platter. I felt bad for them (even though I felt the layout and design were beautiful and the solid block of yellow was a bold move), but I couldn’t bear to share my mousse. #guilty



Would I go back? I’d probably check the vegetarian menu first, but yes. 
I got home and I said to Vivek “Honey (I actually say Sweetie, but it sounds embarrassing out loud), I think we should do fine dine a bit more. The proportion sizes really suit and the food tastes fresh and perfect.”

So may have just started to convert the cheap-eats lover into a fine-dine one? Just maybe.




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