Interior design of Sabyasachi Store in Kolkata

Back in 2007, I used to spend hours researching Indian designers online. That was when I discovered the gorgeousness of Sabyasachi. It was his 2007 collection and I love this, this and this. Since then, he’s been overly celebrity endorsed (Aish, Vidya, Rani) and is one of the leading designers in India. Needless to say, seeing his work around is such excess has put me off the usual attraction I would have for such finery. Anyhoo, M and I recently visited the Sabyasachi Showroom in Kolkata.  It was exquisite. Dark, den-like, musty from the small of incense and with the sweet sounds of Bengali tunes, it was a treat for nearly all the senses (unfortunately, we weren’t served any mishti doi or it would have been perfect). He’s created an ethereal experience and you need to see it in person to fully appreciate it. Down to every detail, every plate, photograph, memory, trunk, glass jar and rug has been positioned to perfection. I’ve managed to find a site on the interiors – one of my favourite Desi sites (check out the cool styling!), Mumbai Boss.  Flick through the gallery to learn more about the process and see the details. (Sorry, the lighting is very dim in the store when you go in). It’s sad, but I almost felt let down when I saw uber-rich women trying on their saris and ignoring the gorgeousness of his boutique. It was a contrast of the senses and I thought, well obviously, high society makes it to the purchase section, whereas the artists wonder around the entirety of the boutique in awe and leave without a purchase.               Do go if you’re in Calcutta, its arresting to say the least.    


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