David’s in Prahran

David’s 03 9529 5199 4 Cecil Pl Prahran, VIC 3181 David’s and I go way back. (I’m proud to say). I never blogged about it because the interiors never really inspired me. The food was always exemplary though. Recently, they’ve had a revamp and… WOW. It feels like David’s bumped into New York and just got sexier and savvier. The menu has changed and safe to say, I think their clientele type would change as well. I love the ceiling to floor windows. It allows for so much light and for some reason, this felt really NY to me. Previously, I would have only gone to David’s for dinner, but this leads me to feel I should go for lunch and enjoy the sunlight as well.   I love the colour palette. The mint green is very trending, but I feel because of it’s minimal use, it’ll extend beyond the “trending” time. As for white, brown and black, thats an evergreen palette (it’s what I want for my dream home…). The new menu is beautiful. But the biggest change, is that it feels casual. A3 landscape slip of paper which says, this isn’t fine dine darling. The seating says the same thing. I went with Maa, V and Papa and I said to Papa, “would this put you off in a restaurant that you’ve been coming to for a few years?”. I felt because he’s of another generation, the change would be unwelcome to him, however, he replied to say “this makes more business sense, they’re likely to turn diners around faster and they’ve maintained the quality of the food, plus, I like the redesign!”. So much for assumptions. Also quite loving their new design for identity and menus. Super fresh.   Sorry for not having enough food pictures, it’s truly easy to forget when the goodies land right in front of you. In terms of the final verdict – go! David's on Urbanspoon   ++++++++++++  

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