Chiswick, Sydney

65 Ocean Street 
Woollahra, NSW02025

02 8388 8688

Chiswick is nuts gorgeous. That feels like something I should say with a mani and a “daaahling!”. 
But it is. 
It’s set in a garden which has a water fountain. 
If that didn’t sell it for you – wait till you see the pics.



It’s an unusual location for a fancy schmancy restaurant, main road, not in the CBD. 
But we BUS-ED it! Yep. They were fully booked for the weekend and we took a Monday lunch option. 
Loving the swashes on their logo.


For some reason, the look & feel felt French / American. Something about the garden and the windows.






Menu design = crisp & with finesse. I bet that paper stock was something they debated over.



Neha and I ordered a mix of vegetarian options.
YES, it was way too much food for the two of us, but you only Chiswick once when two sisters make it to a new city!



Super generously sized side of broccoli.



The chickpeas are something I generally wouldn’t order. But combined with the eggplant, the dish was something truly special.


The dukkah on this was amaze. And those little pouffs? Are avocado.
Yes, I do still get a kick out of eating flowers.




Chunky chips with aioli.




Yes, this is as yum as it looks. 
Orecchiette, chorizo sundried tomatoes, broccolini.



I think one of the highlights was definitely the cocktails. Neha got the Chiswick Mule. And yep, thats ginger with a kaffir lime leaf. Amaze.
We spent a good 2 minutes talking about the size of the ginger. Took me a little longer to get my head around the die-section!



The spine of my martini glass. 
(PS – the glasses were wine bottles trimmed – yes, the beauty is ALWAYS in the details).



Can you tell I’ve saved the best for last? 
This was my cocktail. 
Picanta de la casa.

Yes, it was beautifully spicy and passionately sweet.





Should you go?

YES! I’m guessing their meat dishes are even more glorious.


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  1. tess says:

    Thank you Karishma for the blog post and for joining us on Friday! So glad you enjoyed it and got to talk to so many nice peeps. x Tess