Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co

Brunch in Richmond at Gypsey & Musquito

Gypsey & Musquito
382 Bridge Rd  
Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9939 9314

V and I often find ourselves at the Richmond Farmers Market on a Saturday morning which is really just two steps away from Bridge Road. Generally, it’s toast and tea for breakfast, but for some reason, the last time we went, we hadn’t had brekkie. Which actually worked out perfectly because we found ourselves at Gypsey & Musquito.

They’re not your chrome finish, white tiles, creamy brown wood with a hipster logo (which usually gets my heart pumping).
If it’s okay to say, they look a little bit more like your local. A little bit organic and friendly. The details have so much love in them, it’s hard not to take notice.

Look at their hand stamped business cards in the sweetest green dish below. I’m sure someone pondered over this for quite some time.

Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co


Their menu is still very Melbourne; dukkah, avocado, hotcakes and the like. But a few surprises, I think thats the first time I’ve seen the words; damper, wallaby and emu on the one page.


Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co



Oh yes, I HAVE TO MENTION, the waitress was so considerate of the door which was open and she said “let me know when you feel cold and I’ll close it for you”. In all my years of sitting by the door, this is the first time someone cared to notice how it made me feel. (To be really honest, I think most of the time, I’m thinking about food, so all else is forgivable or negotiable. But to be asked that. Was a freaking miracle. )

This is Vivek’s order.


Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co

Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co


This is my order.


Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co


Can you see why I often share food begrudgingly? I almost always order really well. 
So well, I had to show you a close up of my order.



Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co


More yummy-ness.


Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co

I love stuff like this where they’ve got an old table and made use of a drawer for menus. 
When you take a step back and look at the whole cafe, everything comes together.


Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co


Yes. I wish I was a photographer. How gorgeous are those jars, labels and teapots. ADORE.


Gypsey & Musquito Cafe review by Kish+Co


If you’re strolling around on Bridge Road, I definitely recommend this sweet cafe. The service was above par and so was the food. D-lightful.





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