Breakfast Thieves, Fitzroy

Breakfast Thieves 420 Gore St Fitzroy VIC 3065 (03) 9416 4884

I am one of those people you go out to brekkie with who takes pictures on their iPhone. Everyone has to wait while I shamelessly snap their food, check the light, do a “birds eye view” and a close up. Blah Blah Blah. Now I even get embarrassed about it. Ugh, so hipster. But I’m not really a hipster. In fact, I think I must be half-way between a bogan and a hipster and a FBCD (Fiji-Born-Confused-Desi).

So now that I’ve got that awkward conversation out of the way, can we just get to it? So V and I were scheduled to meet 4 architects for brekkie on Sunday. Of course they mostly lived around Fitzroy. I’m sure they all would have had a fixie as well. Well, Wilson does anyways. The dress minimal, neutral colours and I was the one in paisley (oh come on, Karen Walker paisley)

Needless to say, I didn’t feel very Fitzroy and I’m a-okay with that. Love the exteriors, maybe a little more than the interiors actually. You just can’t go wrong with brick and black.

They gave us our bill in a sweet little tin.

They’ve changed the menu since we last went – so I’m guessing there is asparagus where there was avo. THE LEPRECHAUN Crisp sweet corn & goats’ feta fritters with warmed grapes & cherry tomato honey salsa side of grilled asparagus & poached eggs


THE LEGEND Spicy baked eggs with spanish chorizo, roasted mushroom, green peas, goats’ feta served with herbed garlic toast – Vegetarian on Request V and I went halves on this one and I must say, it was quite akin to an Indian breakfast. When I was in India, I had curry for breakfast just about everyday. No, I’m not loopy, I’m just adjusted. Plus, they don’t have good wholegrain bread and the milk comes in a plastic bag (not all the time, just at our place).

This was amazeballs. Pleasantly surprised it came with pannacotta and I have a feeling it’s also one of the menu changes. I’m sure their newbie is just as good. BRIOCHE PAIN PERDU French toast served with raspberry coulis soaked cherries & white chocolate mascarpone & candied pistachio

I’m a huge breakfast fan. V can’t stomach much before 10am but I need my toast and chai to convince me it’s a good idea to get out of bed.

They did muddle our coffee order, but I’m really lenient about that sort of stuff. If the apology is sincere and the improvement is substantial, then I’m all up for no complaints. Will I be back? Si si oui oui.

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