Argos Loves Company and the realisation that I don’t do cafes with crap logos (full stop)

Argos Loves Company 149 Brunswick St Fitzroy, VIC 3065 03 9417 7290 We often joke about this, but now, I realise the brutal truth of it. If something isn’t well designed, the heart says no. There used to be a place called Pastry Kitchen and for all I knew, the food was probably semi-decent, but I only went once – because their logo had comic sans in it. I also tried to stay at as many design hotels as possible when I travelled last to Mexico. Times have changed and I’m poorer now, so I’m doing Airbnb this year + I hear its fab in Europe. So I had walked past Argos Loves Company many a time and this time, I went in. Well, technically, we went in. T – (she’s the hipster friend who doesn’t know it from here), her man, Ke-an and our cuzzies, K&C. Getting real cryptic in here. And like in most cases, when the logo is good, so is the food. But that could be my taste buds being dominated by my eyes. And yes, I am one of those designers who dissects the design of every menu they lay hands on. Argos Loves Company isn’t hipster trendy, its crafty trendy. It has sweet tones of pink, your nana’s spoons, frames and silverware. However, their menu isn’t all pies and pastries. Its delish with a pastry here and there. Perfect to add to your favourite local list, I’m sure if I were hipster enough to live in Fitzroy, I would. Then I’d know the staff on a first name basis and every now and then they’d say “the lattes on us today”. Swoon.   This is their super fine logo. I love pink. I love 3 words stacked on top of the other. I love all CAPS. I love clean type (look at how the “S” , “S” and the “Y” are lined right up). I love right aligning (ask my typography teacher from uni). If I had to go into a little detail, the only thing I would ask is that the letter spacing be a little (eensy/weensy) bit more generous.   This was my dish. I was very confused on the day and couldn’t decide what to order. They lovingly made me their panini on toastie bread. I can understand why cafes and restaurants don’t do variations on weekends (we charge for file supply, I get it) – but when they throw it in, just cause they don’t mind and make it a freebie, I’m always stoked.  (sometimes we do twitter pages for free – its part of the love).     You know how most cool cafes in Melbourne have the exposed beams, wood surface, copper stuff and all those things we now recognise as symbols for a cool cafe? Yeah, well Argos Loves Company has none of it. And I quite love that refreshing feel.     I had food envy when I saw that Ketan’s pasty came with sauces in sweet little dishes with wooden spoons. Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t go for V for his looks – but I have made him look divine. Sometimes you just need a moment to announce things like that.   I didn’t order this dish because I presumed they would stinge out with their avocado. Regret was my name. Seriously. How amazing. I’m feeling hungry right now and I don’t usually operate that way…     Wall art. And so yes, we’ve reached the end. Oodles of toodles. xx Argos Loves Company (Coming Soon) on Urbanspoon       ++++++++++++  

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