Annoying Brother Cafe has a cool brand mark and more.

Annoying Brother 650 Nicholson Street Fitzroy North  Rosh recently introduced Puri and I to her hot friend’s cafe, Annoying Brother. Previously a fitness trainer, he’s now opened a cafe. Obviously I’m not on first name basis with him or I would be dropping names and the like. I love Melbourne in the summer and Annoying Brother is another reason why. A sweet cafe with service that smiles makes it so fine. There was the usual fare, avocados, eggs, mushies and coffees. They tackled our peculiar specifics (one egg fried, one scrambled oh and can you change my standard egg to scrambled please – type chatter) with a grin and delivered. Coffee was pretty awesome and so was the food. I’m more of a field mushrooms girl but hey, I ain’t complaining. Its an area that could do with a few more cool cafes, especially that stretch. I like. But what I like more is their tetris logo. I’m sure theres some association to an annoying brother in it, but for now, I’m just keen on the typesetting and the pop of yellow. It works well in black and white as well. Super fine work – if you’re out there and you need freelance work, yell out!         Annoying Brother Espresso + Kitchen on Urbanspoon   ++++++++++++  

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